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Thanksgiving Meals

Hey everybody today I will be listing the best foods to make or get for Thanksgiving Dinner after or next to the Picture. First lets name the food that is almost always made, there is turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, corn, and ham. These are the most common, because they are the types of foods that the pilgrims had when they first celebrated Thanksgiving. Then throughout the years Thanksgiving started to become more modernized and so the food started to change as people started to come up with new recipies and share them with the world. Some of the foods that started to come up through the years are broccoli casserole, prailine sweet potatoes, sausage stuffing, hawaiian roles, mozerrela bites with salami and basil, cookies, bacon wrapped dates, carmel apple brie, and cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Turkey
  2. Ham
  3. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
  4. Broccoli Casserole
  5. Prailine Sweet Potatoes
  6. Gibblets and Gravy
  7. Sausage Stuffing
  8. Buttered Corn
  9. Carmel Apple Brie
  10. Cranberry Sauce
  11. Hawaiian Rolls
  12. Bacon Wrapped Dates
  13. Veggie Platter
  14. Garlic Stuffed Olives
  15. Mozzarella Bites with Salami and Basil
  16. Pumkin Pies
  17. Pecan Pies
  18. Chookies Cookies
  19. Coconut Cream Pie
  20. Veggie Platter

Mashed Potatoes

Have An Amazing Thanksgiving

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