Web Design Tutorial Reviews

HTML Dog is a good place where you can learn how to use all of the many codes in websites. I don't really like how the website is structured. I do like that it has different links to the different codes. Overall, it is a pretty good resource to use for learning HTML, but I wouldn't use it.

Here is a link to the webpage: HTML Dog

Tutorials Point is an alright HTML Tutorial website, because it doesn't really show you all of the different codes. Personally I don't like the design of the website either, because it looks to me like it's all pixelated. Overall, I just don't really think it is a good source for learning HTML.

Here is a link to the webpage: Tutorials Point

W3 Schools is a great website for learning HTML, because it has all of the codes available and has them all in their own link. As for the design I think oit really good and looks very professional. Overall, this is definitely a good resource for learning HTML.

Here is a link to the webpage: W3 Schools

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